• New Belts
  • Meredith Lockhart

New Belts

We are very excited to introduce a new item, and we are in the process of adding new pieces besides the belts and this is the story behind them. My husband is a full time farmer and has always worn jeans made by the companies preferred by the cowboys to wear, mainly one in particular. For years I have collected his old worn out jeans with the wonderful holes and worn spots that high end designer jeans have in them. But also they are wonderfully faded and have a few stains here and there from taking care of cattle or from working on machinery. We recently made a fun patchwork duster for a Wearable Art Fashion Show and used a pair of the jeans in the piece. I cut up the jeans and over dyed them with aqua dye. After it was all finished, we needed a belt, so I cut up the pieces that I had left to make a belt and it turned out really nice. So, I decided we should make more and our denim line was born. I absolutely love to dye fabrics so this has really been fun. I have for of the belts up on our Belts page and many new ones in process and have five different colors of over dyed denim to work with right now. We can custom make any size. We will also soon be adding other denim products such as bracelets and bags that we have embroidered, added lace to and/or buckskin to and some will have hand painted designs added. The belts are beautifully made. embellished with crystals and lined with leather. Some will have buckles available or can be purchased to put your buckle on and some will have different closures.
  • Meredith Lockhart